Diamond (PCD)

Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) is a composite cutting tool material produced with a tungsten carbide substrate, enabling it to be brazed to a cutting tool body. Because of the extreme hardness typical of diamond, PCD is an excellent material for machining non-ferrous metals and wood products.

A&H Industries machines PCD tipped saws and cutters with CNC erosion (EDM) equipment, yielding a wear resistant tooling option for the "woodworker's advantage."

Benefits of PCD:

  • Edge life of 30 to 200 times greater than carbide depending upon application
  • Reduced machine and employee "down time" for tooling change and calibration.
  • Consistency of profile and surface finish reducing or eliminating sanding.

IMG_20150112_082208PCD Application:

  • Cost effective long-term tooling solution for high volume or repetitive production.
  • Applicable for most automated machinery, CNC routers, panel saw, tenoner, molder, shaper, and edge-banding.
  • Wear-resistant alternative for machining abrasive materials, solid surface, synthetic or natural woods.

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