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A&H Industries, Inc. was founded in 1976 for the purpose of serving the tooling needs of industrial woodworking companies.  Our corporate goal is to maintain quality standards and customer service in all tooling we manufacture and service.  We commit to employee development, upgrading technology, and any other corporate actions needed to achieve this goal of quality and service.


A&H Industries, Inc. was started in 1976 as a custom tooling company.  Our goal was to build custom cutters, router bits and saws.  With over forty years in manufacturing of custom tooling, our customers trust our expertise and design.

In 1984, we manufactured our first PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutter.  We were one of the first in North America with this technology.  Today, the availability of PCD tooling is greater than ever with more companies purchasing erosion machinery.  Our thirty years of PCD tooling manufacturing gives us an advantage in application and design that our customers ultimately realize.


A&H Industries, Inc. is located in Myerstown, Pennsylvania.  Our location is less than 30 minutes from Lancaster County and approximately 2 hours from Philadelphia and Baltimore.

We offer pick up and delivery sharpening service throughout much of the Mid-Atlantic Region.  Call to find out more information about pick up and delivery.


A&H Industries, Inc. has a strong commitment to technology and capital investment.  Since 2000, we have added robotic saw grinding machinery, 5-Axis CNC Profile technology, computer aided inspection equipment, and 5-Axis EDM equipment.  In addition, we have doubled our plant size since 2005.  We are constantly upgrading the technology used in the manufacturing of our tooling.

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